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Electronics for your 3D printer

Prime Electronic Components

We care about quality. All our products use prime electronic components and the assembly process is under our supervision.

Made for Makers

Turn your greatest ideas into reality. Our products are designed to people like you.

OVM20 Lite

This is the board designed for 3D printers made by staticboards

You will get all the benefits of the RAMPS 1.4 SB and a premium Arduino Mega. All integrated on a single product.

Simple and easy to use. And 100% compatible with Marlin.

RAMPS 1.4 Premium

Do not risk your project with low cost RAMPS ; avoid burnt connectors, damaged transistors or lack of diode protection with our RAMPS 1.4 SB Premium

We manufacture RAMPS with branded components with powerful lower resistance transistors, 1N5819 diodes protection and specially black designed with blue leds!

Arduino CNC Shield

Assemble your homemade CNC with this PCB Shield, compatible with the popular GRBL firmware. It supports the DRV8825 & the Pololu A4988 drivers.


ATX Board

Recycle your old PC power supply for your 3D printer with our own ATX connector, built with 2 USB ports for further connectivity or charge a device. 


HeatBed MK2B

Keep the right temperature of the printer parts base during printing with this HeatBed MK2B. Allows 12V or 24V for a faster heating.


Hardware Design

All the hardware is designed and developed with great care to find the best solutions for the maker movement

Open Platforms

Our products all are based on Arduino & Raspberry Pi for perfect compatibility with a wide range of systems.

Prime Electronics Components

We have a commitment to assemble our products with the best quality components available so you can focus elsewhere and not to worry about the electronics.

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