RAMPS 1.4 SB Premium

Arduino Shield RAMPS 1.4 SB Premium


RAMPS 1.4SB electronics for your 3D printer. It supports huge amount of electricity thanks to the Toshiba MOSFET transistors and the 15A Molex connectors. Compatible with RepRap Prusa and Mendel 3D printers.

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This is the more famous and supported PCB for 3D printing. The design source is original from the RepRap comunity.

RAMPS extends the Arduino Mega with the features and requirements needed to run your 3D printer. Easy to use, low cost with enough space for more conections.

This PCB were a complete success at the Spanish RepRap comunity with hundreds of units sold during 2014.

To manufacture a reliable product we have selected the best quality components to guarantee all the required hours for the 3D printing procces. We manufacture and test the PCBs in Spain, Galicia. We are proud to be one of the manufacturers for Arduino in Spain.

The PCB includes MOSFET’s Toshiba TK72E12N1,S1X, with an incredible performance. They have not much resistance and even with the hotbed fully running with 120V and 178A, the temperature won`t be more than 45º degrees. You don`t need fans for coolong anymore.

The original molex connectors support 15A continuosly and won`t be burnt running the RAMPS.

The most important change on the RAMPS design are the protection diodes directly solded on the PCB. The diodes avoid the accumulated energy from the hotbed to return (amplified with several dozens of volts), and finally destroying the MOSFETS.

And the most important detail: our cool blue leds 🙂


  • Connect to the Arduino Mega 2560
  • Compatible with Pololu A4988 /DRV8825 drivers for the stepper engine. You can connect up to 5 stepper drivers.
  • Molex power connectors at 15 Amperes
  • Three power output with Toshiba MOSFETS (hotbed, extruder, fan, or double extruder)
  • All the power outputs are protected by Schottky Diodes.
  • It allows double extruder
  • Protected by a reseteable 5A fuse
  • Stand alone circuit of 11A protected by another reseteable fuse regarding the hotbed
  • Pins for 3 thermistors
  • Pins for 6 limits
  • i2c output and SPI
  • LCD connection allowed
  • Available output for aditional connections and servos
  • You can connect 2 stepper motors to control Z directly on the PCB
  • Blue LEDs
  • All PCBs are tested before sending

Quick connection guide



Connections diagram

After the RAMPS 1.4 SB is connected to the Arduino Mega 2560 and the stepper drivers are correctly plugged , you have to connect the rest of components.

End stop, also called limits. Make sure you have connected them following the diagram. This is my advise: Do it first so you can test the motors correctly.

Conecta el termistor del extrusor y de la cama caliente. No tiene positivo ni negativo, asi que puedes conectarlo en ambos sentidos. Mi consejo es que también lo tengas conectado para que Marlin no te diga que hay un error de temperatura mínima.

Connect the thermistor extruder and the hotbed extruder. They have not positive or negative side so you can connect them on both directions. This is my advise: connect them so Marlin won`t give an error about minimum temperature.


Here you can see a video explaining step by step how to connect the RAMPS 1.4 SB:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Esta es una lista de preguntas y dudas que hemos recopilado de foros y de emails que vamos recibiendo. Espero que sea de ayuda.

This is a recopilation of questions and doubts from emails and forums we received. Hope they can help you.

Is the RAMPS 1.4 SB compatible with the RAMPS 1.4 Original?

Yes, it is exactly the same design. We only have applied a small modification to include the Diodes protection and we have reviewed the copper trails where the electricity is running to be more secure and robust. Configuration and pins they are exactly the same as the Original RAMPS 1.4

How many extruders the RAMPS 1.4 SB supports?

Up to 2 without problem. On one side, you can connect two stepper drivers (DRV8825 ó  a4988). And on the other side you can connect two extruders to the front power output.

Can I use a power source of 24V?

La RAMPS está diseñada para funcionar a 12V. De todas formas, los condensadores de la RAMPS soportan 24V. La cama caliente Mk2B puede trabajar a 24V, y los drivers DRV8825 y A4988 también pueden funcionar a 24V.

The RAMPS is designed to work at 12V. By the way, the RAMPS capacitors can support 24V. The hotbed Mk2B can work at 24V and the  DRV8825 and A4988 drivers as well.

The problem is on the Arduino Mega 2560. If you use a cloned Arduino, the voltage regulator does not support 24V. Even if you use an original one you will have lot of issues.

If you broke the diode D1 ( invalidating the guarantee as your understanding) you can use continuously the  USB power for the Arduino Mega 2560. There is people doing it and working fine.

How much power do I need?

If you don`t use the hotbed, 5A with 12V is enough. If you use the hotbed you will need a power source of 12V and 17A at least.

Can I use fans with the RAMPS?

The RAMPS transistors don`t need ventilation (this is why you are buying a quality product). By the way, you have a 12V AUX connector next to the yellow jumper which you can use to connect the fan constantly cooling the extruder, for example.

The fan can be connected to the D9 power output. Remember to activate it on Marlin and when you are generating the object GCODE.

If you use 2 extruders, it is not possible to use the fan (unless you include an external circuit)

Can I use a LCD display?

Si, puedes usar las mismas pantallas que para la RAMPS 1.,4 original, como la conocida pantalla de RepRap Discount.

Yes, you can use the same displays for the original RAMPS 1.4 such as the RepRap Discount display.

What is the Yellow Jumper for?

This jumper allows you to setup the servos. Nowadays it is not so common to work with servos to run the autolevel (hotbed automatic level balancing) but if you need to use them, you can power the servos with a constant 5V or use the D12 pin on the Arduino to send a pulse. Depending of what you need it for you will know how to set it up at that moment.

Jumper de servos en la RAMPS
Servos jumpers on the RAMPS

If you don`t work with servos, it has not any consequence. The reed or yellow jumper is also an aesthetic detail (which is so cool!)

How to connect the endstops/limits/end of rail

Endstops usually have two ways to connect:

  1. Normally open (NO) until you push them
  2. Normally closed (NC) until you push them

If they are normally open, the cable works as it is in non conductive state until you press them. But what happens if, for any reason, the cable is broken or it is disconnected? Although we push the button, the machine won`t detect the problem and the motor will continuously pushing the header and everything will be broken.

If they are normally closed, when we press the button, the electricity will be stop. In this case, if there is any problem. the circuit will be broken and the machine will stop immediately.

You have to check the limit pin to connect the one you prefer. NC is normally closed and NO is normally open.

Why we have 3 pins for the endstops if we only have 2 cables?

If you have an usual endstop you will use 2 cables. The central (GND) and the row next to the PCB border.

But if you have an optical endstop, you will need to use 3 cables. The VCC row is used to turn on the LED which is monitoring our header.

The motor is beeping!

This can happen if you are using DRV8825 drivers using pulse technology to regulate the electricity. You have to calibrate the motor more carefully. If you have a multimeter you can use a calibrating steppers motor guide.

The motors are not moving

Drivers are fragile. Very very fragile. Specially the cheap drivers from China. If by accident you have connected the driver on the other way around and you have turned on the power supply, even just for a second… probably you won`t use that driver again.

Try with another driver and make sure you have connected it correctly.

Remember to check that the Marlin configuration is correct. And that you have selected RAMPS 1.4 correctly.

All components are running except the extruder

Marlin, por defecto, trae un sistema de seguridad para el extrusor. Si no está caliente, no intenta extruir el filamento frio (lo que rompería el extrusor, claro). Asi que, antes de probar el motor del extrusor, caliéntalo a 180º

By default, Marlin includes an extruder security system. If it is not warmed up it won`t extrude the filament (which naturally will broke the extruder). So, before testing the extruder motor, warm it up at 180º


If you have more questions, please contact us or send an email to info@staticboards.es.


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