ATX Board
ATX Board

ATX Board


Take advantage of your PC power supply for your electronics projects. You are assembling the printer so you probably have a PC power supply unused. This is the chance to give it a second life.

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If you have used a PC power supply, you should know that you need to perform a bonding jumper between a pair of pins on the ATX connector to make the source to turn on.

With the ATX Board you will be able to connect the power easily, with a simple button to turn on and turn off the power.

The PCB has branded components such as the ATX Molex supporting a huge amount of electricity for hours.

This product is what your 3D printer needs. Perfect for the RAMPS 1.4SB.

This is one of the products we have developed and manufactured. We are one of the Arduino in Spain factories.

With this PCB you can also power many electronics projects, such as a LEDs strip, a CNC with stepper motors, etc.

If you want more information of our product you can check this review made by the blog El Cacharreo.



  • A simple button. Press it once to turn it on, press it again to turn it off.
  • Compatible with the 20 and 24 pins power supplies.
  • Original Molex connectors.
  • 12V double output with resistant banana connectors, easy to use.
  • 5V, 3.3V and -12V outputs with 15A Molex connectors.
  • 5V output on Stand By mode (you don´t need to turn on the power supply)
  • Two USB ports to charge your mobile or connect your Raspberry Pi.
  • Access to the PS_ON pin to turn on the power supply!
  • The outputs have 1.5A protection fuses (except the one with 12V)
  • 2 ounces PCB to make it resistant and to dissipate the heat perfectly.




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